Welcome to our " Datasphere " !

What is a "Datasphere" ?

Thank you for asking!

A 'DATASPHERE' - is " an internet in a bottle. "

( It's really ' a Wireless Internet ' . )

You pickup the SSID (like you do at any starbucks cafe hotspot.)

Here, the SSID is " datasphere ".


(Access Point) SSID: " contact ".

Your wireless capable device grabs the SSID and is issued an IP.

Then type: ' http://google.com ' in your chrome browser and surf away!

Note: Only wireless capable devices can use this datasphere.

It is wirelessly powered
by our google backbone &
'tweaked' androids
(ordinary cellphones).

We don't like to brag, but it
is about (30 years ahead of it's time!)

Every request made (that is - when you type ' http://google.com/ '
in your browser and hit the 'enter key') is wirelessly transmitted
and redirected to your destination! Our androids do this.)

We are beta-testing fun things like:

' Speed and Domain Name Resolution. '

This Datasphere boasts of speeds up to 15 MB / second - FTP.

Below is sample of DATA Transfer Speeds (DTS) on this DATASPHERE.

50 MB / second video transmission.

"Instant POP! Technology" ( this is 'hush hush',
but pages on this Datasphere 'pop!' onto your screen.)

We have resolved domains from .com to .co.uk to .tv!

( In Web & email, etc. )

Server - stress / load / user behavior / Testing.

We sent about 12 million hits to an android
cellphone in one week and experienced about 99.9 % uptime.

We are uploading ( DATA-DUMPING ) / beta-testing about 10 GB of DATA / day.
( that's about 3 months ' average websurfer surftime ' - surfing @ ~ 2 hours per day. )

Please excuse the mess, but we are trying to 'mimic The Internet' as closely as possible.

We won't say anymore, but this is no longer "High-Tech', but ' Ueber-Tech '.

Hello World! & Welcome to the next internet !

' a datasphere '.

- Gabriel Gilligan Google, The Datasphere Team & The Datasphere Wireless Internet Foundation.

how to find The DATASPHERE:

one clue: Bellingham, Washington

Powered by google.com

(c) 2015 - 2018 the datasphere wireless internet foundation